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Sunday, January 21 2018 @ 10:20 PM CST

  Theodore Roosevelt Tour of NY


Joe Wiegand at the White House performing for President G W & Laura Bush


Spend the day touring NY with President Theodore Roosevelt as you relive some of the greatest moments in American history with the man himself!


During your luxury bus trip you will be guided by President Roosevelt and his present chief of staff Art Zuckerman as they take you through history and to fabulous sites of Roosevelt’s era.


Travel to…..

  • Visit Roosevelt’s childhood home

  • Visit his many friends and foes at the Hall Of Fame For Great Americans historic site

  • Stop by the Museum of Natural History

  • Learn about his infamous & outspoken daughter “Alice” along the way and his relationship with Italian hero police officer Joe Petrosino

  • Visit The magnificent Masonic lodge where Roosevelt was a proud mason

  • Stop by Gramercy Park’s beautiful National Arts Club where he was a member


Led by reprisor Joe Wiegand as he stays in character throughout the tour

with his chief of staff on this rollicking turn of the century NY visit


Tours are full day trips with a stop for Lunch at a historic location!


Join us for an experience of a lifetime and up front contact with America’s most colorful and opinionated President!


For More information contact us at 914 633-6658 or E Mail us at marscot@att.net




The tours are a full day with Joe Wiegand( T Roosevelt) In character.


We visit the following sites where T. R. and Art interact throughout the bus trip!

  • Gramercy Park

  • Museum of Natural History

  • T R’s Birthplace

  • Masonic lodge( Magnificent rooms and architecture!)

  • Hall Of fame for Great Americans( America’s First)

  • Little Italy “Petrosino Park” a true hero to the Italian community


We visit the locations above.


Joe Wiegand is renown in the USA and is active throughout the country as a historian and an expert on the Roosevelt legacy !


He combines a great skill of humor, historical knowledge and enthusiasm to his craft!

Plus an amazing physical resemblance to T.R.




Which one ??


Lunch will be at historical Pete’s Tavern I Gramercy Park

For info on budget please contact us!  A Very unique touring experience !



Art Zuckerman (TR’s Chief of Staff)

914 224-7134 or e Mail marscot@att.net







Joe? and Teddy? Teddy ? and Joe?




W & Laura watching Joe!

The most unique tour in NYC !!!



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