Food Tour #2

  "Food Tour #2”

Travel through NYC by Bus or Van



(Nosh = “Eating in NY English”)


The tours contain optional bus transportation and multi-stops in New York City. See the itinerary for more details. Please note that we are flexible with our options.


Stop #1: Soul Food in Harlem


Drive # 1½ Snack


Stop #2: Upper 5th Ave., Manhattan – Latino sampling


Stop #3: Curry Road Indian , Manhattan – Walk and view Tandori Ovens and Spice markets


Stop # 4 Oy Vey ! Pastrami or Corned-beef samplings & the BEST sour pickles


Stop #4 Greek sampling feast


Stop #5: Dessert stop


** Noshes Served on the Bus –and some surprising stops if time permits.


*** We estimate the tour/noshing from 10 AM till 5:00 PM minimum

Tour Destinations:

Drive through locations including sites and narrative history:

  • Harlem

  • Fifth Avenue

  • Tribeca

  • East Village

  • Lower East Side

  • Curry Road”



Also note: “We are not responsible for any weight gained on the experience”



JUST KIDDING ! Alka Seltzer provided! Naps available!!

NOTE: Subject to restaurants being open & Availability (Always optional noshes!)


Double note: As historians we pride ourselves on being Informative & Entertaining. Each tour will be non stop info about the history and anecdotes about people and places that make the neighborhoods alive !!!

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