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Susan and Art Zuckerman
Susan and Art Zuckerman

Art Zuckerman is the owner of three Westchester-based IT companies:  Armascan Development Group, Armascan Technology Corp., and True Diversity Ltd.  These organizations employ 50 people whose skills include programming at several levels, internet/website development, integration services, and technical consulting at all levels.  Prior to starting his own business in 1992, he was a high-level sales manager at such companies as Data General and McDonald Douglas’s computer division.  Before entering the computer field, Art was a teacher and basketball coach in Yonkers, NY for three years, after earning his B.S. degree from Indiana State University.


Susan Zuckerman is a history teacher in Yonkers, has conducted live broadcast interviews for the BBC, and along with her husband, volunteers as a tour guide for Big Apple Greeters of New York City.

Twelve years ago Art and Susan began volunteering as tour guides for Big Apple Greeters of New York City, and subsequently started their own tour business.  Some noteworthy accomplishments since beginning this second career and avocation have been:

Susan and Art Zuckerman in Inc. Magazine
Susan and Art in Inc. Magazine


Art’s latest venture is a co-founder of RaconTours, Inc. which offers audio walking tours of New York City.  To date, seven “Talk-A-Walk” tapes have been produced including four in New York City, two in London and one in Philadelphia with sales of 100,000 copies.  He is, also, currently attending acting classes and voice over training to provide the “voice” on the tour.


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