Tour Highlights



Tour Highlights”

With Susan and Art Zuckerman

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***EXECUTIVE TOUR: Be a guest on our radio WVOX 1460 show and tour ***


Ethnic Tours

Tour Staten Island’s Fabulous Tuscan Garden, Travel on the Ferry to America to Mulberry street & old Little Italy



( With or Without SEX!)

The Atlantic Ave. Tunnel (Sundays only)

Attend a live reenactment of Old time radio broadcast

IE: “The Shadow” and others

Neighborhood tour options prior to show

(Pick 1 or 2 neighborhoods of your choice to visit)



Food Tours

(Note: “All” Food Tours cover different Ethnic Cuisines and unique neighborhoods histories & talks) Can Mix and Match

(Asian, Middle Eastern, Greek, Indian & neighborhoods)

(Irish, Soul and Manhattan adventure)


All Stops in Manhattan will visit the Famous Candy store of the Lower East Side





Unusual Pubs of New York

Visit the most historic PUBS of NYC and learn their history from Prohibition to Present day!


Some are haunted and some were speak Easies !


Chocolate Tour (By Bus or Van)(NEW)

Travel by bus through NY to visit the best Chocolate emporiums, tastings as you spend the full day experiencing these fabulous and diverse chocolate masterpieces

And of course non-stop history and Highlights of NY & Chocolate



Water Tours

Brooklyn Series




Staten Island

**** (Travel By Staten Island Ferry & Tour of Harbor) ****

& visit “The New Tuscan Garden” You’ll think you’re in Italy!”

DA” Bronx


Out of City Limits





*** (Armchair Tours)*** Lecture series!

ARMCHAIR TOUR SERIES: (NEW!!!!) A series of pre-tour presentations in the comforts of a local hotel or meeting place!

This is geared for people who want to really gain an insight into the many neighborhoods of NYC prior to a visit. You’ll learn during this 3 hour presentation, all the areas and things to do during a future visit.

There are slides and videos shown during this event. (OVER 35 TO CHOOSE FROM!)





Newest Tours in the tour series…….


Middle Eastern, Indian, Greek and Asian cuisines


Irish cuisine, Soul Food, Indian and Mexican


Travel through NY and discover the great presidents

Who spent time in and around NY.

From Cooper Union to Plymouth Church


Travel from the Revolutionary times to present day

Prisoners of War to Atomic Buddha of Hiroshima



“ It Happened In New York City” as you Travel back and forth in Time!





(Excellent for women as well as men!)


Visit some of the great sport locations of NYC,


* Track and Field Hall Of Fame, * Yankee Stadium (Option)

* Yogi Berra Museum, * Mets stadium (CITI Field)

* Gleason’s Boxing Gym, * Meet Celebrity sports figures

* Belmont Race Track * Visit a memorabilia shop

* Learn about Sculling * Stars homes and stories

Meet a thoroughbred and a jockey up close, and learn about the great sports figures who have made NYC their home and much more with options (eat at a famous sports restaurant during the tour!)

Many other options and themes built around your interests

Tours can vary depending on original meeting local !!!!






The Gardens of New York ( NEW)


Travel throughout NY as you experience the amazing Garden of

New York

And many more……………………..

Business and Industry Tour ( NEW)

Spend the day visiting business and Industrial landmarks

Learn the art of Negotiating along the way

Hear the story of the richest moguls in American history their lives in New York City (museum visits as you travel all throughout)

A visit to the Grand Freemasons magnificent meeting rooms




How the other Half Lived Tour (NEW)

New York has been a melting pot of immigration many have made it and many have not, travel throughout NYC and hear and visit places that made history: The Gay Revolution, visit old Speak Easies and learn about prohibition, prostitution and Hells Kitchen, the Five Points and the Children’s Aid Society with story’s about the Orphan Trains that sent children out to the Midwest for adoption, Child Labor, union strikes and their origins, The Triangle Shirts Waist fire,

Woman’s Temperance movement, strikes, protest and radicals and much more!


The Great Waterfall of Paterson, New Jersey &

NJ Achievers Tour ( NEW)

(The second largest waterfall in the East Coast!)


The Industrial City started by Alexander Hamilton; once the most powerful city in the East, outstanding technology museum, where the submarine was started; a silk factory and such notables as..


And many more………………………..

Art Gallery’s and excellent ethnic restaurants as well




Observe or (You can partake if you dare!), Coney Island Museum and Little Russia experience





Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty Tour

Visit the origin of 40% of Americans in a “detailed” visit fully escorted for a full day experience. Feel what it was like to be an immigrant coming to America.

Battery Park and Bowling Green part of tour


Murder & Mayhem

Crime scenes in NY, Gangs, GANGSTER MUSEM and more as you travel throughout NY.



NOTE: All Tours are available with a

*15 Passenger Van or Luxury Bus*



All Tours can be customized and mixed and Matched!






From Groups 4-100




NOTE: All licensed guides, teachers, authors, radio talk show hosts, our goal is to make touring & learning fun!!


(You’ll never look at New York the same way again !)


Feel Free To Call For Details 914 633-6658




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